Capillary Concrete bunkers were first installed in 2010 in Scandinavia in a very tough climate with severe winter ground freezing conditions. The product was invented and developed by Martin Sternberg, CGCS, as a means of finally resolving all bunker problems in even the most severe golf course locations. Today, thousands of bunkers have been built or renovated with Capillary Concrete all across the world, from Australia, Japan, Africa to the USA and Europe. Capillary Concrete™ is available throughout the world, in every major golf market through local Distributors. .

Capillary Concrete is an international company and is part-owned by Annika Sörenstam, Martin Sternberg and the Swedish start-up Fund Almi Invest, which has been instrumental in many successful start-up ventures and has very solid and diverse resources to be the perfect owner partner in this type of a company.

The Board of Directors of Capillary Concrete consists of some very experienced turf professionals such as Stig Persson, former Chairman of the Swedish Greenkeepers Association, FEGGA (European Greenkeepers Assoc.), Ted Fist, former Head Course Manager from Chicago, Illinois, Martin Sternberg, CGCS, and a very competent administrative team in offices in Celebration, Florida and Gothenburg, Sweden.

Advantages of using Capillary Concrete™ compared to other products:


1 Very durable, several decades long life span.

2 Environmentally safe, very sustainable product.

3 Safe for installers and users.

4 Maintenance friendly through moisture control.

5 Fast and practical to transport, handle and install.

5 Economically best product to use for sports drainage through superior performance.

6 Greatly enhances the user experience and aesthetics.


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